Do You Need A Person’s Phone To Spy On It?


Steve and Janet Miller were like many other people that you meet. They both had a nice house in, good jobs, two cars, a dog and two beautiful daughters—one of which had just entered her teen years.

Just prior to her 13th birthday, the oldest daughter Katie told her parents that what she wanted more than anything in the entire world for her birthday was an iPhone. Her parents weren’t crazy about the idea, so Katie brought up all the pros of owning one, stated how all of her friends had them and that she was the only one who didn’t, and even pointed out that Steve and Janet had iPhones of their own.

The Millers still didn’t think she should have one. They knew that Katie was responsible enough to do and have many things, but they’d heard so many horror stories involving kids with smartphones—everything from perverts stalking them on social media and chatrooms to teens being bullied to the point of suicide. But they eventually relented and gave Katie her very own iPhone on the day she turned 13.

Months went by and the Millers realized that all of their fears were for no reason … or so they thought. One winter day, Katie came home from school, clearly upset. Janet was concerned and tried to find out what was wrong, but Katie refused to talk to her about it. She noticed the girl was always checking her phone and thought about taking a peek herself, but didn’t want to betray her daughter’s trust. Janet let it go, hoping that it was just one of those teen things that will work itself out. But it didn’t. After days of Katie trying to stay home from school, the Miller’s found out that she was skipping school. When they confronted her, they discovered a truth that was far more upsetting than anything they could ever have imagined.

They learned that Katie had taken several inappropriate photos of herself on her phone and sent them to a boy online. The boy, in turn, had posted the photos for all to see on hers and her friends’ social media sites. Katie was mortified. Katie was teased. Katie was on the verge of a nervous breakdown—and contemplating killing herself over the whole ordeal.

The boy—a minor—was eventually sued and the known pictures taken down, but Katie’s reputation was ruined. She went to live with her grandparents in another state until the Millers could sell their house and move.

It’s a sad, sad case that has become more and more common in the digital age—but not one that could have been avoided. Yes, the Millers could have said no to their young daughter, but that would have only created animosity between them and her And honestly, Katie would have become a sort a social outcast as all of her friends would not only make fun of her, but exclude her from many activities because she wouldn’t be readily available at the swipe of a finger.

No, the easiest way for the Millers to have protected their daughter from making such a soul-crushing mistake would have been to install a trusted cell-phone monitoring app on young Katie’s iPhone—an easy to use, completely legal and top-rated app like Auto-Forward, Highster Mobile, or Surepoint Spy.

What a good spy app can do for you and your family.

We live in a world of perpetual posting, tweeting, sexting, IMing, chatting, and more! Your child’s age of innocence is shorter than ever. Access to the internet and all that it has to offer comes with myriad distractions and temptations. Temptations that can cause even the most mature young adult to have a terrible lapse in judgment.

A good cell phone monitoring app allows you to listen in on another device’s phone calls, spy on text messages, track its whereabouts, look at the phone’s pictures and videos, and more—all without you having to have the phone in your hand. It should be inexpensive and with no monthly or hidden fees. It should be simple to install and easy to use. And it should be very discrete. There are lot of spy apps on the market claiming to do all of which we’ve stated—and some do. But many don’t. You could literally spend weeks sorting through all of the programs on the market today, but here are three of the best we’ve found.

Top 3 Cell Phone Spy Apps:

Auto Forward

Auto Forward is one of the simplest spy apps on the market today. It’s so simple to download and easy to use and won’t break the bank. Without having your child’s phone in hand, you can browse through their pictures and videos, check their social network activity, read their texts and emails, listen in on conversations, track the phone via GPS and more—all without your loved one knowing. Powerful and discrete, it is one of the best-selling spy programs today.

Highster Mobile

Another top performer is Highster Mobile. Like Auto Forward, you don’t need to have the target phone in your hands in order to spy on it. Within minutes of loading the software onto your teen’s device, you’ll be able to:

-see photos

-read text messages

-review call logs

-keep up with who they are chatting with on Twitter, WeChat, LineChat, Skype and WhatsApp

-find out where they are by tracking them via GPS

If you’re worried about the wellbeing of your child, this is a great app to help alleviate those concerns.

Surepoint Spy

Another fantastic option for monitoring your teen’s smartphone is the Surepoint mobile spy app. It’s inexpensive, easy to download and install, and absolutely user-friendly. It lets you stealthily spy on your teen’s social media activity (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more), browse all of their photos and videos, remotely listen in on their phone calls, and activate their camera and microphone to check in on their environment. This trusted mobile monitoring app is completely hassle-free and always reliable.


Remember, your child could be Katie.

Be realistic, it could have been your child who did what Katie did. After all, people make bad decisions. Especially kids. They’re young, emotional, and lack the maturity to think things through before they act. They don’t process things the way normal, healthy adults do. Today’s teens live in a world that is far more complex and in your face than the one you and I grew up in. Their world is always evolving—and at a rapid pace—and technology is a big component of that evolving and complex world.

Computers, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches – our kids have been given this power to know everything, buy anything, communicate with anyone, and display whatever they like 24/7—and it’s literally in the palm of their hands! Now combine that power and instant access with the immaturity of a teenager and you’ve got a perfect storm. A storm churned by the need to find, accept and love oneself while constantly battling online peer pressure, bullying and trolling.

Your Katie only has one life.

Being a young adult is hard these days. So it’s important that parents understand what kids are going through, what they give their children, and how the two co-exist. Installing a good spy software program on your child’s phone is an important way to gauge your loved one’s responsibility and safety within the dangerous world of digital socializing. Had the Millers done something like that, they may have been able to stop Katie’s mistake before it ever went too far. Thankfully, it didn’t go the way that the young girl was heading.

Installing a good smartphone spy app like the ones recommended above can protect you and yours against a world of cascading troubles. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Choose the one that’s right for your child and install it on their phone today.