Can You Spy On A Cell Phone Without Having The Phone?


A worried mother can’t keep up with all the social media sites that her daughter is posting to, and the inappropriate pictures on Instagram are getting out of hand.

A frustrated boss is sick of the one rogue employee who is constantly playing Clash of Clans on a company cell phone, which is impacting the bottom line of the company.

What’s really going on inside a cell phone? Millions of people who use cell phones know very little about spying on text messages, tracking cell phones and general cell phone surveillance. But privacy invasions happen every day.

Cell phone surveillance can even record a person’s movement and pinpoint their location when using a cell phone. Here’s a fact: we’re not going to stop buying smartphones anytime soon. But what privacies are you giving up just by using a smartphone? In today’s society, we have no problem uploading a photo, tagging our friends, and then we wait excitedly for the comments that follow. Sites like Facebook and Instagram have created a second world for all of us: the online world. And because of that social connection, there’s a fine line between sharing and oversharing.

What if you wanted to monitor a cell phone yourself? Most people don’t realize that cell phone spying and surveillance doesn’t just happen on the mega-corporate level. You may not realize that the everyday worried parent or employer needs to monitor cell phones as well.

Smartphones use cell phone network technology to send and receive data. That data can include phone calls, documents and files, web browsing history, GPS location and more. and a variety of apps. A mobile app is essentially a computer program designed to run on smartphones.

A cell phone monitoring software program like Auto Forward Spy works by extracting data from another person’s phone. This unique software application is delivered digitally, and then activated on someone else’s phone within 2-3 minutes. Then this spy app then allows you to see all the activity on a target phone, from social media sites postings, to the websites that person visited, to the text messages sent and received on that person’s phone.

Basically, a cell phone spy app like Auto Forward Spy’s powerful technology can let anyone see a huge amount of data on another person’s phone.

Is a cell phone spy app an invasion of privacy? It depends on what you consider privacy in the modern age of sophisticated technology. When you turn on the GPS locator on your phone and tag the location of where you had dinner, you’re essentially giving up your privacy. When you “check in” to your favorite coffee shop on Swarm or Foursquare, you’re letting people know where you are and that you need your caffeine fix.

Like the old saying, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Every time you willingly give your personal information online (email address, mailing address, credit card information, geo tagging and more) you’re essentially giving up a small amount of personal disclosure.

Smartphones are here to stay – with each new update of any platform (Android, iPhone) the memory gets better, the design gets sleeker, and the apps improve.

Most of don’t think twice about privacy issues because we have nothing to hide. But if you’re in a situation where investigation IS needed, Auto Forward Spy is the type of software that you could be interested in. Once you install the app on another person’s phone, you’re suddenly given a tremendous amount of information that is legally your right to view.