Cell Phone Spy Software – A must-have tool for today’s parents

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Cell phone spy software is the premier way to spy on a cell phone, used by thousands of parents who want to keep track of the devices they’ve entrusted to their loved ones each and every day. Inexpensive and easy to use, cell phone spy software allows parents to gain access to their kid’s target phone—no matter where it is—in order to observe texts, calls, locations and more. It is a necessary tool in protecting against online dangers like online predators and misuse that that will give any concerned parent some much-needed peace of mind in today’s ever-expanding virtual world.



It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your children are?

Back in the 1960s through the 80s, this was a popular PSA question that preceded the local newscasts in America. It was a way to get parents to keep tabs on their children and to support any teen curfew laws in effect. Today, the PSA is making a comeback in some areas—and while it provides a bit of nostalgia for parents, it is truly an eerie reminder of what dangers lurk outside their homes … as well as within.auto forward spy

With the cell phone spy software, you’ll not only know where your child is after 10 p.m., you’ll know exactly what they’re doing—and with whom. This bestselling product will allow you to track their whereabouts via GPS, listen in on live phone calls or check their social media accounts as their online interactions take place. With cell phone spy software, you’ll have the power to make sure your loved ones are safe all day long—without them ever knowing.



Cell phone spy software is inexpensive, simple to download and easy to install. It lets you remotely access data on a target phone and displays it on your cell phone, tablet or computer—giving you real-time coverage and information of the device you are monitoring. Best of all, the user of the monitored device won’t even know you’re there.

Cell phone spy software gives parents access to:

  • SMS Text Messages: The average teen sends and receives up to and over a thousand messages every month! Help protect them from bullies and poor decision making by keeping track of every text (SMS) message—even the deleted ones.
  • GPS Location: You can’t follow your teen everywhere, but you can know where they are every time with this feature that allows you to track the phone on a map in 5-minute intervals.
  • Live Control Panel: This user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for any parent to access the target-device and see what’s going on as it happens.auto forward spy
  • All Popular Messenger: Track and get a copy of every text, image, and audio message sent and received from such popular messenger apps as WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Viber, BBM & Twitter.
  • iMessages allows you to record all the iPhone, iPad, or Android device texts your teen may be sending and receiving via Apple’s user-to-user system.
  • Microphone activation: The old saying, “It’s quiet … too quiet” has never been more true than when you have kids. Silence often means something is going on. With this feature, you can secretly activate the target microphone and listen in on their surroundings just to make sure all is okay.
  • Stealth camera: Your teen won’t always be where he or she says they are going to be. This welcome function lets you secretly take a picture using the target phone camera and upload it to your Dashboard for viewing … so you can make sure they are safe and sound.
  • Call Logs: Teens are a secretive bunch. And they don’t want their mom or dad knowing who they are talking to. This feature lets parents monitor and filter all call logs on the monitored device—giving them access to both incoming and outgoing calls as well as the call log history—even if it’s been deleted.
  • Browser History: There’s so much inappropriate material online and it’s tough to make sure your child isn’t looking at it. This feature gives parents every detail about the user’s browsing activities.
  • Monitor & Record Email: It’s no secret, scammers, bullies and predators thrive on the web. Keep your child out of harm’s way by monitoring the multitude of emails that threaten their personal well-being each day.
  • Multi Media Files: Kids, like adults, don’t always make the best decisions. Make certain your child does by monitoring all of the pictures and videos they send and receive.


Cell phone spy software is ideal for the multi-member family.

Cell phone spy software also works with all cell phone providers on all iPhone and Android devices and allows you to monitor several different devices through a secure account—a plus for families with multiple members and mobile devices.


All teens want to spread their wings and test their limits … which, in turn, tests the limits of their parents. Installing the cell phone spy software on a loved one’s cell phone is a great way to help keep them safe and within limits in a near limitless online world.

For many parents, the idea of using spyware may seem seedy and counter-productive to building trust. Some think it might be more suited for the competitive workplace. But the online world is a seedy place full of inappropriate websites and dangerous people. Installing a good cell-phone monitoring app can help safeguard against loved ones being bullied on social media outlets or falling prey to sexual predators. It’s your job as their guardian to do what you have to do. And your choice to do it in a way you see fit.

You love your kids and you want to see them safe—and you can by installing a cell phone spy software today!