The Superior Features Of Cell Phone Spy Software

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    You gave your kid a smartphone. You gave your spouse a smartphone. And you gave your employees one too. They all have smartphones. But what are they doing on that device? Who are they talking to? What are they looking at? As a parent or employer, it’s important to know if your loved ones or staff are practicing safe texts and not engaging in reputation ruining WiFights. And the surefire way to confirm that all is okay is by installing a stellar mobile spy app on every device you give out.


    Discover the speed, power and versatility of Cell Phone Spy Software.

     Bullies, stalkers, pedos, druggies—your teen could be communicating with anyone. And your employees could be wasting valuable work time surfing the net, logging onto Facebook and Twitter or running errands. Auto Forward gives you the power to make sure that the devices you hand out are being used the way they were supposed to be.

    Cell phone spy software’s superior functionality makes it easy for you to access a target device’s:

    Call Logs—Monitor and filter all call logs on the targeted device.

    Everyone knows by now that you should delete your call logs if you have something to hide—but with a cell phone spy, you can recover anything and everything and any time. Its state-of-the-art call log feature captures details about every minute of every call.

     Browser History—Get access to the phone’s entire content and view forward spy

    Porn porn porn porn. They say 90% of the internet is porn. The truth is that nobody really knows how much of the ether is dedicated to the xxx—but you can make sure that the device you entrust to your kids and staff contain 0% by staying on top of their Browser History. Cell phone spy software gives you extreme details about the user’s Web browsing activities, enabling you to see every cookie and link viewed—even the deleted stuff.

     Email—Get easy access to every incoming and outgoing email.

    Hackers, scammers and perpetual spammers love using e-mail to clog your inbox or ruin your life. Thwart their daily assault with this important function that helps you lock unwanted e-mails, monitor contacts, prevent destructive conversations and protect your interests.

     GPS Location—Easily track the phone on a map in 5-minute intervals.

    Employees who go “missing” every now and then can now easily be found, and teens who say they’re going to be at one place but instead go someplace else can now be tracked—easily. Cell phone spyware’s GPS locater is a fantastic feature that provides frequent updates and precise location information that pinpoints where your target phone—and its user—has gone. It’s also great if the phone gets lost or stolen.

     Multimedia Files—Easy access to all pictures, audio and video files.

    Don’t let an employee scan and send important office files or your child view/send pictures and videos without your approval. View every picture and video sent/received and save them as needed.

     SMS Text Messages—All text (SMS) messages are logged even if the device’s logs are deleted.

    The average smartphone user sends and receives over a thousand messages every month. Sometimes one or two of these are less than appropriate. You can find out the details of each text message and filter them to protect your children and business assets.

    iMessages—Record all iMessages. auto forward spy

    Phone carriers charge for texts via their data plan. But if you use Apple’s iMessage, there’s no charge. iMessage allows users to send non-carrier, user-to-user texts for free—making it a desirable alternative to regular texting. Most competitors’ tracking applications monitor only regular text messages. Our iMessage tracker goes beyond—letting you record every iPhone, iPad, or Android message sent via Apples iMessage system.

    Control Panel—Dynamically access all details relating to the target phone and opt for the advanced settings for logs, time triggers, display options, and more.

    A cell phone spy software’s Live Control Panel makes it a top choice among common users just like you and me. Out of the hundreds of mobile monitoring applications on the market, Auto Forward has built its reputation as a highly sophisticated yet user-friendly alternative.

     All Popular Messenger—Track every text, image, and audio messages in popular messengers.

    Easily track WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Viber, BBM & Twitter messages. Get an exact copy of every chat, text or call log that occurs on the target phone. See each picture and message that is broadcast over the network. You can monitor, filter and control all conversations, files and activities at the touch of a button.

    See how Auto Forward beats the competition.

    Offering more features than you will probably ever need, cell phone spy software proves it’s the best of the best when it comes to cell phone monitoring—blowing its competitors out of the water time and time again.

    How does it do it? By being:

    VERSATILE. Whether you need it for an iPhone, iPad, iPod or any Android device, the cell phone spy app is a flexible product that works with every cell phone provider.

    EASY TO USE. Navigating through a cell phone spy software’s web-based control panel is clear and simple—making it easy for you to check chat logs, spy on text messages, or locate the device via the GPS. auto forward spy

    AFFORDABLE. Cost varies greatly between the many existing spy apps on the market—and you don’t always get what you pay for. Auto Forward is the exception. Not only is the price affordable, but the benefits of purchasing it will save you a fortune in the long run.

     UNDETECTABLE. Being able to monitor another’s cell phone or tablet usage undetected is of utmost importance to almost every buyer. Auto Forward lets you spy on text messages, listen in on phone calls and take pictures remotely without anyone ever knowing.

     SIMPLE TO INSTALL. When you purchase a spy software, the company will send an email that takes you step by step through the painless installation process—and after just a few minutes, you’ll be up and running.